Saturday, February 4, 2012

Addie Jane and Elias Russell

This wonderful old family photo shows Addie Jane and Elias Russell with their oldest child, Bertie Lee who was born April of 1902. That's their home in the background which Elias built himself and one they added rooms to as more and more children were born, final count four girls and eight boys. They lived in this house near Cass, Arkansas all their lives. Elias cut timber, served as a sheriff's deputy, and did blacksmithing to feed his family. He always had mules and he loved those mules. Addie cooked and cleaned, canned and sewed - I can only try to imagine how difficult it was to raise twelve children without running water or electricity. He lived to be 85, working outside on his last day, and she 88, spry and clearing thinking to the end. These are my husband's paternal grandparents, fine people who raised all twelve of their children to adulthood and instilled in them a strong work ethic, love of country, and faith in God.